Welcome to Passion HealthCare!

Congratulations on finding us! 

We are proud to offer our services in Melbourne and are very excited to meet the staffing needs of premier facilities and their growing requirements.

Passion HealthCare is more than a Nursing Agency. Run by healthcare professionals with extensive experience, we know the challenges and joys from both sides of the staffing spectrum. 

We only provide experienced qualified staff. We conduct extensive background checks, including police checks and one of our recruiting policies is to only hire if we would be happy for that staffmember to look after us!  No exceptions.  If you yourself have ever been a patient then you know what we are talking about. If we cannot provide staff to meet these standards then we will not do so.

Our reputation for service and quality is paramount within Passion and we  will endeavour  to uphold our strong standing within the community. Feedback is encouraged from staff, clients and patients to enable us to remain a proactive organisation.
These are very exciting times for healthcare in Melbourne and we are proud to offer a superior service to those that need us.


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