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Q - Where did the name come from?

A - The Passion name was chosen because this is why we chose to be service providers in the first place and what drives us to this day.
Our Company

Business Philosophy 

Passion HealthCare has three fundamental objectives:

1.  Provision of experienced, qualified, motivated staff to healthcare clients in a timely
     manner with a focus on minimising resource expenditure to those clients;
2.  Provide staff with superior support, education and remuneration in their professional 
     occupation; and,

3.  Staff selection is based upon employment of those individuals that we, ourselves, would 
     be happy to look after us in our time of need.


The drivers behind Passion have extensive clinical and management experience within the Critical Care Areas (ICU, A&E, Perioperative) and also working for and within Nursing Agencies. We pride ourselves upon this and use our experience to provide a superior service to our staff and clients.

Our call centre staff are all healthcare professionals. A key requirement for working within Passion is to also work in the clinical areas - this enables understanding and currency of what our staff and clients are experiencing.


Passion HealthCare was incorporated in January of 2011 and commenced service shortly after.

Providing niche services to select clients for many years, the managing director decided to expand services to cater for the growing need for experienced qualified staff. Driving this decision was the observation that staff provided by competitors can be of a ...  less than optimal fit for clients and so we decided to take action and recruit and support only the best staff to meet their needs.   

In order to do this Passion is committed to providing a service second to none with regard to Clients and staff alike. Excellent staff deserve rewarding
, this is one of our foci.

Recognizing the high costs associated of healthcare, Passion seeks to assist Clients with reducing their resource expenditure without reduction of quality.

Currently specialising in the critical care areas (ICU,A&E,Theatre) Passion has the goal of providing staff to further clinical areas with the same attention to detail and service that we have established.

Vision Statement
To be the Company of choice for HealthCare Organisations and Professionals alike for their staffing and employment needs.

Mission Statement
Providing staffing to Clients to enable continuity of service delivery with minimal expediture of resources and to a standard that we ourselves would expect to receive. Recruit well, Remunerate well, Supply well, Support well.


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