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As a Client we understand that there are many considerations in choosing a service provider for your staffing needs.


The quality of our staff is of prime importance to Passion.
As part of Passion HealthCare's philosophy s
taff selection is based upon employment of those individuals that we, ourselves, would be happy to look after us in our time of need. 
We have a rigorous and comprehensive interview process to facilitate our employment process. Police Checks are mandatory with WWC checks upon a Client determined basis. 
We have mandatory online training to assist our staff with currency of practice and methodology and encourage and assist with further training. Staff selected for employment must have extensive specialty experience, preferably with advanced qualifications within specialty. We look for flexability, adaptability, knowledge of when to lead, and be led, resourcefulness and willingness to educate others. All attributes of what you are probably looking for in your permanent staff!
We believe that this is the minimum that should be provided to you and are constantly looking for ways to add value.

Service Delivery  

Our call centre is staffed by experienced healthcare professionals who are expected to also have currency in the clinical setting. We utilise advanced technologies to enable the optimal allocation of staff for your needs. Our call centre is staffed from 0530 to 2230 hours seven days a week, with voicemail after hours. 

Quality Assurance & Performance Management

As a service provider, quality of service provided is critical from both a company perspective and from individual staff members. 
Policies and Procedures are regularly evaluated for currency and efficacy. Feedback is encouraged from all sources. Passion HealthCare is a member of the Recruiting and Consulting Services Association (RCSA) and also the Australian Association of Nursing Recruitment Agencies (AANRA). This allows Passion access to extensive education, corporate and industry resources which assists us in our goal of achieving industry best practice. 
Passion has the goal of maintaining expertise and familiarity with areas that include:
1.    Legal compliance;
2.    Occupational Health & Safety;
3.    Corporate & Candidate Privacy;
4.    Comprehensive & Proven recruitment processes.



Adherence to our policies and procedures and focus on our business philosophy and objectives will allow Passion to provide you with a service that not only will minimise your resource expenditure but will set a new standard in staffing services in Australia.

We look forward to providing you with our services and are happy to meet and discuss any requirements you may have.

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