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If you are with another agency you might not realise that they charge you up to $7 a pay for their so called 'management fee'! ! That adds up to at least $364 a year!  How many hours do you have to work to pay them for this?
Passion charges you ZERO.

With another Agency?
No problem - a number of our staff are with other employers. Just let us know if you're unavailable - Its your life after all!

Don't want a shift?

That's fine too - all we ask is that you are prompt in notifying us that you don't want it or you are unavailable.

We don't want to waste anyones time in our lives, that includes the Clients
Melbourne's most rewarding Nursing Agency. 

If you are reading this then you are and have the following qualities:

  • You are a HealthCare Specialist;
  • You hold Post Graduate Qualifications in your chosen specialty and/OR:
  • You have extensive experience in that specialty;
  • You have demonstrated clinical excellence;
  • You are willing to educate and act as a resource person; and
  • You are a motivated, flexible team player willing to add more than just a staff member to an organization but someone who is seen as a valuable asset to be called on in need.

Got what it takes? - I can assure you if you fit the above you will 'shine'. Clients are crying out for people who, for example, don't come to them with problems, they come to them with solutions!
Your experience is in desperate need to not only meet the direct care need, but also in education and sometimes, when needed, in a managerial role. It is very satisfying visiting different clients and really making a difference to peoples lives and also having an input into current practices and policies and procedures.

Ok, enough about the above, you now know what sort of person we are looking for. What can we do for you? Aren't you just another Agency? 
Easy answer 

Passion is Australian owned and run by Nurses who have been there and are still doing what you do. We have backgrounds in a variety of specialties, mainly critical care (A&E,ICU,Theatre), but also wards, both on staff and Agency work.  We have had both line and managerial positions on both sides of the Hospital/Agency relationship and we have decided that the time is right to give something back. Who are we giving it back to?  You, the patients, and the hospitals.  Why should a less motivated, less skilled, less passionate worker get the same as someone like you? Why should the patients receive mediocre care? Why should the hospitals use their finite resources for someone like that? See where we are going?  Ok, off the soapbox.

What Passion offers:


We have a very rewarding base hourly rate. Our aim is to match and eventually exceed that of the competition
How do we do this without charging exorbitant health system crippling fees? Without using accounting jargon we have the best referral system in the marketplace. That system is YOU! You are good at what you do and you know peole who are the same - by referring them to us we have a larger workforce and we will then pay you more. SIMPLE. Whilst we at Passion have financial goals, we also have very strong altruistic ones as well. We didnt get into Healthcare for the money in the firstplace but its got to the point that in our society if we don't look after the caregivers we 'aint gonna have any left'! Numerous studies provide evidence that this is a major reason for the recruitment and retention problems faced worldwide.
Lets face it - you will go where the work is and where the money is! It is time that you were rewarded for your worth!


Demand is high for your services. We will get the work because, 1. We will attract the best staff, and 2. We wont be charging like a wounded bull. We can pay well because we will get the referrals, from you, and from people like you who see us as the alternative to the large non-Australian companies.


We offer free of charge on-line educational modules to you which allows you to keep up to date, learn new things and assists with your CPD requirements. They are completed on-line and can be done at a place and time of your choosing. In certain circumstances and on application, other courses may be funded with due regard given to company operational requirements.

Police Check

Complete a shift and you will not be charged for a criminal records check.


Unlike some others we DO NOT charge you for providing you work. This is a ridiculous practice and should not be tolerated. As a rule we also do not charge for ID cards or Docket books.


We have the highest possible insurance available for our Company. Whilst this should reassure you, it is in your best interest to hold your own policy - we recommend that you are an ANF member, not only for the insurance cover but for all that the ANF has to offer. As an Agency Nurse in Melbourne it pays to be protected.

Professional Affiliations

Passion has strong links with numerous associations and professional bodies and takes an active interest in topics and activities affecting our industry. We recommend that you also take up memberships (some can be found on our links page) and be active within the industry.
Passion HealthCare is proud to be a Corporate member of the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA) and also of the Australian Association of Nursing Recruitment Agencies (AANRA). 
We are very serious in our endeavours to provide you and your Clients a premium professional service!

Passion Family

From time to time we have gatherings to break bread and enjoy each other. It can be a little isolating doing what we do, so we need to catch up and let the hair down. You look after us, we look after you = Family.

Anything else?

At Passion we strongly encourage staff and interested others to give us feedback, how we can improve, what else we can offer, how it can be done better. We are constantly looking at new technology and benchmarking with other industries to find out what you want and maybe what you didnt know you wanted!?! Our brains work differently to others - we actually care! So do you.

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